Squirrel Poem


This crazy poem can be found offensive to animal rights activist. Although no REAL animals were hurt in the making of this funny poem some people find the graphic content is un-called for and sickening. I can't be held responsible if you are offended by this weird poem. I have now given you several chances to stop reading and leave this page so only continue reading if you accept these terms: By continuing to read this I agree that even if I am offended by the content of this funny poem I won't try to sue or cause bodily harm to the author. If you are offended (GIRLS) or just want to tell me how much you enjoyed (GUYS) this weird poem please feel free to send your commits to: Nester@bobvilla.net Ok, I think I've stalled enough so here is some of my humorous poetry.

I once kissed a squirrel.
I thought it was a girl.
Once I found out he was not.
I decided to cook him in a pot.
I skinned him and cut off his tail.
Then he let out a great big wail.
After this I cut off his head.
And noticed that my pet was dead.
Now that I've taken him out of the pot.
He looks like he's going to rot.
I decided to save him for another day.
And hope that he doesn't get away.
So I cut off his little feet.
And went to find something to eat.
I'm sure that I looked all around.
But there was nothing to be found.
So I say goodbye to my old friend.
Who was with me to the very end.